Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, The 918

Good music, burnin' rubber and an hour later we were in Tulsa. My traveling buddy and I have decided that we are going to partake in a short road trip once a month. I need it. I wish I could pop out of my element more frequently but the minimum is once a month. It's all about sanity and creative juice.

Each time I go to Tulsa I find more and more I like about it. This time, I realized just how expansive it really is. It's not as if I didn't know it was a large city but we got lost and each time it was something new. It's to big for that 'driving in circles' lost.

By the end of the night we could check everything off our list, well, almost. Our first stop was THE coffee shop. Mmm. Wish I were there now, Brr. We mapped out our route and giggled. First thing was the Indie Emporium. Lots of goodies and free, hand screen-printed shopping bags.

Next, the Gilcrease. Ok, this was troublesome. We found ourselves royally lost. Turned around twice and finally succeeded. If the Gilcrease and the Philbrook were on fire I'd fight the Philbrook fire first, hands down.

After this the only thing on our list was Momentum which gave us about 3 hours to spare. We stopped at yet another coffee shop. I got Mexican Cocoa(right), I took one drink (delicious) and then it occurred to me that she steamed milk in the process of making it. Milk, eh. Bad. I had to part with it, reluctantly. I also had a snafu with my apparel so I sat there a moment crying as my milk chocolaty goodness taunted me and fixed my scarf.

Next, Dwelling Spaces where we found this gem in the back alley: Then,Ida Red's, a little boutique with candy and exotic sodas. Our Indie Emporium ticket was very special. It gave us a coupon for buy one get one half off soda at Ida Reds (which is why we went). Peach soda for me, please. Liquid candy! It also gave allowed us half off ticket to Momentum. Sad things is, I won my ticket to the Emporium so I was on a free ride all day. Tulsa welcomed me with open arms and hardy bargains.

Finally, Momentum! Beautiful. The atmosphere was just how I like it. Fluid, relaxed, jolly, like every art event should be. I voted Lukas Dollarhide's drawing worthy of 'viewers choice' award. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Then I read the title and I died, fell down and died. Dead. "You'll paint what I tell you to."

Here's some other work from the show."Brush your teeth." It's limited because I want to encourage you to go and see it in person. Support growing artist! On the way out, we left our mark on the Momentum chalk board!

Lastly, we had dinner at Lucky's. Early on I had a burger urge. I heard this was the spot. Unfortunately, it wasn't open for lunch but we did hit it for dinner. Wow! Medium well and still so tender it wanted to crumble. Oh my! What a trip. How can we top this for next month's out-of-town adventure?

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  1. Pick me, pick me... How about San Angelo? Just a thought!!! :)

    Actually aren't we making a trip up to T-town on the 7th???