Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night Highlights

The ambitious plans for Friday night failed at the hands of poor planning and a margarita. We were suppose to turn our "Friday Night Duo" into a trio but that fell through. One would think with all the various modes of communication these days things would run smoothly, but apparently not. I guess two really is my lucky number in 2009. Taraneh was a little blue over the situation but my 'stone cold bitch' remains intact. I indulged, I'm not even going to hide it. I made T take photos so I could remember our outing. Classic Sara Sara Cupcake photo. I was feeling tame last night, just vanilla with festive pumpkin and orange sprinkles. [Please vote for Sara Sara Cupcakes here.] Post heavy margarita at our favorite CD store in OKC. A HUGE CD Warehouse. This photo makes me laugh. All those colors and patterns, that huge bag, goofy hat and the toilet, I look like a homeless woman. Ha! The electronic section and me debating whether I'm capable of driving and if I really 'need' the Avalanche's CD. Again, What have I become? It was fun and we both survived.

This afternoon I went to my grandparents to celebrate my moms birthday. There was lots of delicious food and plenty left over. My grandma sent me home with cake, rice crispy treats and a candied apple. My family likes sweets. After a brief siesta, I'm up, blogging and about to go spray paint. Halloween is close ahead and there is much to do. It's to bad I'm so tired/busy to partake in Ghouls Gone Wild this evening. I suppose there's always next year. Off to work!

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  1. hopefully when we go back in 2 weeks we will have a better time! also, maybe that CD will still be there and you'll buy it this time.