Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life Tracker

A couple of days ago I was having coffee/tea with my friend, Taraneh. She asked me to meet her for coffee. It's funny, neither of us had coffee. I guess that's like referring to all soda as 'coke.' We had a nice chat about the male species and their circus of oddities and became even more baffled. Figures. Anyway, afterward, I drug her around Norman searching for a special sketchbook. It was near impossible. There are mounds an mounds of quality journals but they all had ruled pages. Blah!

At the end of the evening she determined I'm too picky. Maybe. Yesterday I hit the jackpot. I finally got to retire my steno pad. I traded it in for this puppy: It's a "Life Tracker." Pretty cool eh? The color variety sucks but I let it go since it's perfect in every other way. They come in several sizes, I went for the 5x8" model. The binding is elastic and they sell all kinds of different modules/inserts to personalize the thing. Mine came with a ruled insert, a graph, and plain. Pretty sweet. Once you use those up you can buy more. I should add that it was a little pricey for my modest income but a solid investment (at least for the whole day I've had it). Mine is lime green, so there's no way I can lose it in my huge 'bag o' tricks.' Now I just have to decide what to paint on the cover. Two thumbs up for those of you in the market for a snazzy organizer.


  1. oooh you did pick a good one! and lime green sounds pretty great as a color! I'm not really excited about my notebook being pink.

  2. If they would have had pink I would have been all over it. You know you may wake up one day not being able to find your pink sheep it! :)