Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday Night

So, 13 days until Halloween (12 until THE Party!). I'm getting anxious. I have also been very preoccupied with other commitments and now I'm overwhelmed. I'm sure my last few post reflect my absent mindedness as well as my lack of enthusiasm. I apologize to my few, yet loyal, readers. I'm busy living, but sooner than later I will have something to show for time well spent. I'm a little lack luster this week so it's probably better I make brief post. The sun poked its nose out this afternoon which was a relief. I got to sit face to face with my star after I managed to slink out of the office while no one was watching.

Tonight Taraneh and I went and threw some ideas back and forth at the bookstore. She was quite productive, coming close to finishing a poem she has been working on for awhile. I, on the other hand persisted with the Halloween plans. I picked up Martha's Hallo Mag (It's tremendous!) and stared at its glorious contents until my eyeballs glazed over. It was within these pages that I developed the party's "grand finale!" It's a spin on the pinata minus sticks because inebriated people could get hurt. Doughnuts on a string! I decided to do a quick sketch of my version: Here you see the two 'broomstick bitches' (the hostesses) moving the string up and down to make the game more challenging. A lady in the bookstore over heard our planning and gave me the idea of incorporating hot dogs on the string with the doughnuts. Sweet and savory plus there's a little male/female innuendo. I don't know if photos could do this finale justice. We may have to find someone with a video camera. Are you guys stoked about the party, or what?

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