Friday, October 9, 2009

To Much

Much to much going on this weekend. I have so many plans to plan it's unreal. Here's what's on the agenda for Friday evening festivities:
A night in OKC, Artist opening. Caleb Jacks at DNA Gallery. Some coffee and scrumptious sweets at Cuppies and Joe. Afterwards, it's back to Norman to catch 'Those Darlins" a the Opolis (I'm super excited about this!). It's going to be a late night. Tomorrow it's up and off to Tulsa. Another day full of plans.

Saturday down the T-pike to peruse T-Town: Must have photo with as many giant penguins as possible. Why do these exist in Tulsa, OK? A visit to the Gilcrease Museum. Indie Emporium. Crafty/art goodness. Also, a special thanks to ArtBeat for spotting me a free ticket! Top off the trip with a stop at Momentum Tulsa! No such thing as to much art!

Beyond just having fun some other goals are, not getting lost and making all the planned stops. Wish me luck! Happy Friday!


  1. Don't have too much fun. Doesn't Tulsa have a big penguin exhibit at their zoo?? Seems sort of random to have a bunch of penguins working the street corners. We have sheep, but that is because we produce a lot of wool/mohair. Seems strange anyhow. Hope you have a great weekend and that the weather cooperates. Oh... you aren't going by yourself are you??? ;)

  2. Yea the giant penguins soliciting photos from out of towners are odd. I haven't looked into it because I like to think it's just some weird Tulsan humor that outsiders just don't get. I'm sure the real reason they are around is lame so I'll stick with dreaming. Also, not going alone, T and I are going. I'll take lots of photos for you!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. oh my gosh you found a picture of a penguin!!