Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midwest Penguins.

Tulsa trip was successful in several ways. We covered all the planned destinations and then some. We also had heaps of fun! Remember mention of the Tulsa Penguins? If not, see here. Well, when we arrived we decided five was the number. We would find five different penguins and make them hold still long enough for a photo. I'm going to be direct here. We failed! We only found four. I found three of them and T found one. She's not a seasoned penguin hunter, yet. I asked the waiter at Lucky's if he could help us find one more. He told us of one that sounds like a little slice of heaven but we never found it. Apparently it's a plus and minus penguin in front of the drug testing joint. We spent a good half hour trying to find it. I'm convinced his directions were faulty, it was no "operator error." Next time. The waiter also may have muttered the purpose of the odd penguins but I covered my ears, he gave me a sideways look at this gesture. Without further ado: The first one, Stella the Stewardess, sassy lady. Hildegaard the Happy Camper. Slap-a-Bitch! We didn't get this guys name. He was in front of a bail bonds place, that's why I'm being so reserved. They could see us in those windows behind me and,we had to jump up in their landscaping bed. We were trying to be quick.

We discussed the penguins names and how they were all based around alliteration. I figured if I were part of the "Penguin Project" I would have probably been stuck naming the 'Q.' I quickly spouted off, "Quincy the Queer." (Pardon my lack of Political correctness. You shall know, I love and support gays and gay marriage). Since this guy didn't have a name and he's wearing pink heels, I deem him, 'Quincy the Queer!'

As the night carried on, things became a little less reserved, bordering raunchy. I can't even blame alcohol. I didn't drink a drop. This guy was my favorite. I had to bow for this one. He's the one that took it to the gutter, I'm innocent. You guys watch out for "Willie P. the Wild One," especially after dark.

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  1. YES!!! That one is DEFINITELY Quincy the queer!! PERFECT!