Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Skull-A-Day

More, more Halloween! Today with the encouragement of my BFF, KC, I found this wonderful blog. You know I'm a sucker for creative projects, especially when they are dark and morbid. I don't even really care about prizes. I just like to see people pushing creative involvement. Just proves the internet is good for something. The project asks readers to decorate the ever-so-clever skull wreath. Mine: Blood and gore! Love it, any time of the year (23 days until Halloween!). I love October because I can get away with things like this and not scare to many people. Anyway, everyone needs creative therapy. There are all kinds of little activities for those of you who need help starting. Get out there!


  1. I am glad that I could be of service! I ventured to Target today for some creative inspiration, but left empty handed. I really wish I found Halloween as intriguing as you do. They have some really neat decorations. I don’t think I have enough antichrist within me ;) Oh well... maybe one day I will let loose and have some fun!

  2. Oh, by the way, I like the wreath. It reminds me of Psycho and not the new one, but the old one that is sooooo funny and not the least bit scary!!

  3. You're the best! You know that! Don't get discouraged, we all have days where it just won't budge. I have decided even on those days I will make stuff, I'm a fighter. Most of the time I end up punching something or reaching for my gun (not really, metaphorically) but at least I can release some energy.

    As far as not being 'anti-christ' you need to work on it, maybe you should watch Beetlejuice. Thats who I'm really named after.

    Ps. You make me laugh, I need it!