Thursday, October 29, 2009

South of the Border

There are many delights that derive from down south: amazing food, tan girls, and Latin music. While I could probably delve into an excessive post on each of these topics, there's only one that is pertinent at the moment: Latin music. Last night I was serenaded by the ever-so-clever, SoCal group, Los Lobos. The show exceeded my expectations by light years. It was well worth the ticket price and then some. I grew up on these guys, I'm honored that I had the chance to exchange a few words and shake their hands. The backup band was from Canada. Introducing the Duhks. They were very versatile in their repertoire and instrumentation. They did a very interesting cover of Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love." Overall, Two thumbs. The headliner/climax. LOS LOBOS: I just can't get over how spectacular these guys are live. If you can catch them live I highly recommend it. After the show they were signing autographs in the lobby so we stuck around. I'm glad we did even though I'm not big on the whole 'celebrity' gig. I mean afterall, they are just people like you and I. Artist really.

I did get their signatures but I also left with an exciting story. You see the bassist (below, center)? Well he was the last in the line and when I handed him my CD he looked at me and started asking me where I was from and grabbed my hand. He was extremely inebriated to the point where he was not speaking English or Spanish. Afterward, my dad made the comment that the guy was coming on to me. He was, it was awkward. I stepped away and then when we got outside we all let out a belt of laughter. Good times. I saw my buddies, Doug and Barb. I look like I have self tanner on my face in this photo. Unholy. Doug took all of these photos. He had a press pass, now that's privlege. He managed to snap a shot of my parents. These photos are few and far between so I'm happy to have an updated version.

I'm going to emphasize once again, Los Lobos=Great Show. Check 'em out!

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