Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday I went to my spinning class and almost croaked. Really. It was initiation for me, the newbie. The lady that teaches the class was nice the first day but yesterday she definitely picked on me. Luckily, the guy next to me comforted me by telling me she did the same thing to him. Phew! For a minute I thought all those middle aged people were just trying to run off the "young, skinny girl." After the gym, I ran over to Barb and Doug's to drop off some things and they had a dinner guest. Meet Nick Lillard. Nick has been an acquaintance since my tenure at Hancock fabrics. I'm always surprised when I see him because he always recalls my distaste for purple. I think it's because he finds it incredibly disturbing that an artist can write off an entire color.Nick's an artist himself. He painted this helmet which is part of some crazy robot suit he has been working on for years. He's an incredible sculptor but quite humble. He has large scale pieces on one of the building facades at OU and a piece in front of one of Norman's elementary schools. Impressive. So what's unbelievable? Well, Last night I realized that Nick is my male counterpart. It's scary. Really scary. We're like two Aryan's in a pod. Get us in room together and in no time things are grotesquely perverse. It's pretty bad. Nick takes things above and beyond. To a point where even I'm embarrassed. I swore my ears would bleed. I'm telling you, save this picture. You won't see me make a face like this often. It takes quite a bit to make me cringe but last night I was completely taken aback. I also look pretty greasy but lucky for you, you didn't have to stand in the same room. I'm sure I was pretty ripe (the gym). See, Barb was also flabbergasted. Glasses were removed for safety. Nick will be attending the party Friday. If you don't think you can handle two 'Bills' I suggest bringing stronger beverages.

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