Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thankfully Tuesday

Oh today was such a great day. Phew. I was worried. Sometimes we need a day to snap back into reality. Yesterday was that day. Last weekend was so magnificent I must have lost track of my responsibilities. It's a good feeling, I long for it always.

Anyway, today was comprised of many prize winning aspects. First, I completed my artist statement. A weight has been lifted. I politely asked Doug Hill (of the Hill Duo) to edit it for me. He writes a car column for the Norman Transcript and some food reviews for the Gazette. He got the revision back to me in jiffy and it's amazing. He was able to conserve my content while still making it read like a pro. I can see why they pay people to edit.

I also bought my ticket to Los Lobos and went to the gym this evening. I'm pumped. I feel like I could stay up for days. I have so much motivation and energy. To bad I must sleep. In the midst of all this commotion I still managed to squeeze in some much needed studio time. I still haven't begun my graduate portfolio (Uh, I could use a distraction from all my deadlines) because I'm busy playing catch up. I have too may projects outlined in my sketchbook and I'm trying to preserve the order in which they spawned. What to do...

Good news, I do have a strong idea for my portfolio submission. I just have to knock out this last project and then I'll be good to go. I should also mention Triple Threat Talent has officially mailed their application for the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaare in December. Be prepared to buy Christmas gifts from us! I also plan on submitting a proposal for the Momentum Spotlight, due Nov. 9th. See, I have to much to much on my plate. That's why I'm making a cyber laundry list. I need your help. Remind me, push me, make me meet these deadlines! It's for the greater good. Again, good news, I already have an idea for the Momentum proposal, now it's time to deal with all that red tape.

Amongst all this self inflicted pain, I have managed to create. I have proof. I was here about ten minutes ago: The pink will be the real deal. Warning: This is a test, only a test. A successful learning experience. Great way to end the day.

The project is a ways from finished but it's a true beginning. This snazzy technique is known as Image transfer via gel medium, so versatile. Das Uber Goodness! If you're interested I can give you a rundown. Otherwise, just sit and enjoy the lovely aesthetic. Well, that's sneak peek at my recent endeavors. More to come. Shower and then beddie-by. Tata.

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