Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whitewash, Stencils and Antigone

Yawn. Long day. I feel so scattered. I have so many things occurring, or trying to occur, at once. List everywhere but I still can't pull it together. Damn. Yawn. Obviously, I don't need to write this evening. I'll just give you a peek at what I've been doing. I have been up to a few things, finished little. I'm on a strict, gym regiment. It's fun, I like the burn but it hinders my studio time. If only I didn't have to spend forty hours at a j-o-b... I know I have plugged ArtBeat several times but here I go again. I won these tickets from them through facebook! There publication is outstanding. Pick it up around the metro, see you at the hotspots. I think I'll try to catch the production this Saturday. This is a work in progress. Remember the heart stamp? Well it's been put to good use, it was a hard worker. I stared at this painting for awhile before I decided to whitewash it. I've been on a whitewash kick for various reasons. Specifically, because it's used in street art. We have all seen those advertisements that have been painted over and then cover with lovely graffiti. That's the idea. Anway, keep an eye out, I have high hopes for this egg.Another work in progress. These are very layered pieces, physically and conceptually. I'll go more in depth when they are completed. They still need 2 more stencils and perhaps a secret, special touch. I have an idea of where I want to take them but I have to uphold my new mantra, "less is more." Instead of piling it all into one piece, I've learned things run smoother when I spread it out among several pieces. Fingers crossed that I can maintain this progress. Off to bed. G'Night!

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  1. oh wow! I love the trucks! I will have to see these in person on thursday!