Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Decide, Deciding, Decisions

Today I have Halloween on the brain. I've been trolling the net looking for inspiration and I must say, that Martha and her people never cease to impress. She has it all, from elegant to eerie. I'm going for that creepy, dark Halloween (as usual). I don't really care for that 'harvest' idea. I think it's just a way to make Thanksgiving last an extra month. I'm too selfish for that nonsense. Everyone knows I only say "Thanks" once a year and that's only because there's a designated holiday.
Ok, ok. Back to the topic at hand. Just look at Martha go:

In order to accomplish such ambition I've decided to designate Taraneh and my cousin, Carmen "Treat chefs" and "Plan-istas" (invites, table displays, music etc etc). I'm "Decoration Commander", and I have to start ASAP! Ohhh I just can't wait! Also, if you guys aren't familiar with Stolloween you should check it out. I ran across is last year and it's just Awe-mazing! I wish I had time to get my hands real dirty with paper mache but there's just no time. I do think Martha's ideas are doable. Wish me and my "Halloween Team" lots o' luck!

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