Sunday, October 18, 2009


I was finally able to begin decorating for Halloween. Thanks to my mom and my brother's girlfriend, Flea, we were able to finish the front yard. I'm lacking in extension cords so I'm not able to light it up after dark. Hopefully this week I'll buy some cords and take some photos of it in all its glory. I hope you're looking forward to it, I know I am! I'm the slave driver. Whip and camera in hand. They invade everything. And live off of human flesh and blood. Notice the mothership? Stay tuned for in depth photos. The epitome of creepy appears at night. Beware!


  1. i feel bad for not helping out....I PROMISE to help out with the inside AND the backyard!! PROMISE!!!

    also i'm helping out with the food!

    i just want to make sure I contribute to this party since I kind of made you agree to it =)

  2. No worries. I'm sure you notice it didn't take much of a push to get me to agree. I love Halloween. I'm sure if you hadn't pushed me to do it I would have look back and cried.

    No promises needed you know how bossy I am. If you didn't volunteer I would just force you. :)