Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This year I thought I would just take the easy/cheap route for Halloween. The more I discuss the matter the more elaborate the plans become. Not only has a party developed but I now have two costumes. For work I intend on dressing as a mac. Sine I will be hosting a Halloween party I figured I couldn't get away with such a lame costume. I have decide for the party I will dress as Frida Kahlo, unibrow and all! It's going to be glorious. I'm not stressed yet but I do know I'm just asking for a nervous breakdown by taking on such a monumental project with little time. I have to handle decorations, food, costumes, guest invites, etc. etc. Luckily, Taraneh (the enabler) has offered to help and I have officially named her co-host. Now I just have to decide which Frida will make the largest impact while still meeting the deadline.Ok, so the last one. Definitely a 'memory maker' but I don't think so even under heavy inebriation. I still had to post because it's just lovely.I love this couple's costume, Frida and Diego...Genius! I also applaud her creative costume, Well done. This mother-baby costume is also incredibly thoughtful. It's great to see involved parents. Personally, I would rather have a monkey instead of a baby but it's worth noting none-the-less.

So what's the verdict? Any ideas on which Frida and how I can make it happen?

Maybe I should just tank that idea and be Beatrix or Elle? I was blonde last year for Halloween, I don't know if I want to do that again. Although, if I were Beatrix I would get to sport a sword. Hm. Again, I could use feedback.

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  1. as the enabler...

    I LOVE the halloween decorations!! I love how they did the tombstones!!

    a few things i would like to add..
    -i can help with your hair and make-up/eyebrow with frida
    -we can check out the thrift stores on saturday to find the perfect outfit
    -beatrix kiddo would be spectacular if we could find the outfit! I may have access to a sword? maybe...
    -Elle would be so easy to recreate!

    We will collaborate on saturday/friday, I already have a page full of notes.