Sunday, October 4, 2009

To Dry the Tears

On a lighter note, the Plaza District Festival was a lot of fun! For our first art/craft show, I'd call it a success. I sold several pieces and made some cash, although I felt a little unsettled because the pieces were sold to people I know. I can't say I'm not happy, I am. But, I want my work to appeal to strangers, not only people that know me. Unfortunately, I didn't pack enough punch to solicit my work to passers-by. Maybe next time. The other 2/3 of 'Triple Threat Talent' had a ton of amazing knit/sew goods which were a huge hit! I am also ecstatic to report that our booth was incredibly professional and held up to the more seasoned craftsters. Triple Threat Talent in the flesh. Triple Threat Talent Booth! My Cousins cleaned me out!This is Brad. A friend, customer, and fellow artist. We had a few classes together in art school. He also purchased two pieces! YAY! And, also, awhile back I had sketched a guy that resembled him. Now you have something to compare. She learned her moves from Vanna White. You know you want some! Great Mantra and hair! Bringin' back the fanny pack. I'm a trendsetter! Also, that's a mold of my ass in the back. Shake it!
Oh No! Incriminating evidence! I drank this and then I saw this:
It was real cool.The end.

We are planning to sign up for another in December so if you weren't able to make it to this one, hopefully you can make the next one. Remember, Christmas will be right around the corner...spend your wads of cash with us instead of those suits!


  1. I am glad to see that Jenni made it out to show!! She looks amazing! I wish I could have made it up there! It looks like you had a great time! Maybe one day I will finally get to enjoy one of your shows!

  2. Doug takes some great pictures! I love the one with the girl texting and biking! --the caption read-"this should be illegal"


  3. Maybe someday I will have a show in San Angelo! Then you better come! That would be fun.

    And, Doug is quite the photographer/writer. Silly man. :)