Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lately I've been trying to be a "conscious consumer." What exactly does that entail? Well, several things: Financially conscious, environmentally conscious, and personally conscious. Sometimes it's tough differentiating a 'need' from a 'want.' Especially if you really want it, want it so bad you need it. As I have mentioned several times, I'm trying to simplify things. Mostly clutter and things that serve little or no function. In a sense, I want to lighten my baggage.

It's hard being an artist and trying to hinge your life on sheer function. We want to decorate, design, make "pretty art." How can I possibly live my life on the bare minimum and pride myself on selling 'things?' It's a battle.

An example of this is my unhealthy obsession with purchasing a cowhide rug for my living room. I already have a perfectly fine rug. But the thought of layering that piece of leather with my current rug just excites me. I just keep telling myself, "not only do you not need it, you also don't want a dead cow laying on your floor do you?" But the smell, the texture, the visual aesthetic, it's all so enticing! This is a current view of my living room (disregard the baby shower decorations). Don't you think it 'needs' the cowhide rug? I really dig the layered look. I'm just enamored by these rooms: I'm sure I won't be purchasing one of these rugs in this decade. There are many things, much more practical, that are much higher on my list. One being insulation for my attic. Two being new window treatments for the living room (I despise mini blinds!). I'm trying hard to let go of the superfluous but I'm human. I can't help but desire trinkets.

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  1. I will keep an eye out for a deal on one. We have a store here in town that runs a really great sale the week of Christmas and they always have a bunch of cowhides!! I think you need one, because I can't have one :)