Sunday, October 11, 2009

From The Depths

If you know me then you will be surprised to see a sketch from my sketchbook. I have stated that I'm trying to become more open about the books contents but it comes in waves. Today has been an Ani Difranco/Patsy Cline day so I felt like this sketch was appropriate. I drew this Friday night while sitting with T and sipping some really bad coffee. There's an interesting story behind it but I can't afford to spill it and the visual. Therefore, your stuck with the sketch and a brief explanation. While contemplating the meaning of life, people, and complex social structures, I came to the conclusion that there are two types of people: "Cat people" and "dog people." This is nothing profound but I was attempting to break it down.

I'm a dog person- an open book, happy go lucky, social butterfly. The cat person is, well, like a cat- Aloof, mysterious, engages only under their terms, a bench warmer. I have a hard time understanding or having patience with "cat people." So in some ways, this is a self portrait. The rest is left up to you. Enjoy.


  1. I LOVE THIS SKETCH!!! I also love knowing the story behind it.

  2. Ha! Thanks. No spilling the beans, YO!

  3. I have a cat! I never realized I was such a cat person until I got Strawberry. Until then I only really had dogs growing up and loved them. She is my cat soulmate the perfect cat for me, I will never have another pet like her. I like dogs too, I never understood why there are dog and cat people, I think I'm just an animal person. I really want a dog, but with Strawberry being so sick its impossible. We'll get a dog eventually though. And, surprisingly Kris is not a cat person at all, and he loves Strawberry as well!