Friday, November 13, 2009

To the Brim

It's Friday, HOORAH! This weekend marks another fun filled, highway expedition. I've just been a busy, busy bee. In T-2 hours I'll be Dallas bound. My cousin and I are going down to visit my grandpa. Since they are both SMU alumni I will be stuck at the football game Satuday morning but afterwards I plan on hitting some art exhibits in the DFW area. I really hope I can peek some of Aqsa Shakil's work at the Fort Work Community Art Center: These are extremely elegant. I love the texture and tactile quality they offer. They remind me a bit of coffee and oil. Maybe that's just my subconcious? I really hope I can view them in person.

I may also stop by The Modern to see the Susan Rothenberg show: It's going to be a very intense weekend packed full of family, good food maybe even some relaxation. Photos to follow. For now, weekend wishes!

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