Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Two: Weekend Adventures

Saturday, my cousin, Jesse, got married. The wedding was in Tulsa so I headed up early and spent the day running around the city. First stop, the usual, DoubleShot Coffee. I always stop here to make the agenda and map out an attack. We (my roomie and I) had tons of coffee this weekend (just wait, and see) but this place serves up the best far. We had a hard time determining where to dine for lunch. We chose a hamburger dive, it was greasy and delectable. You can't really go wrong with such a simple menu. So tasty, guilt in every bite. After lunch we hit some of our favorite spots:"Under the Mooch" record store and various thrift/junktique stores. Last time we noticed a tea house and put that on our list of things to see. We swung by this trip and it was delightfully, European with an incredible variety of teas. Dragon moon Tea Company. This place was very elegant and also had a lunch menu. Tea warmer. Watch the hair!The cookies were unbelievable. Wish I had one now. YumPour, pour. Pinky up. Sip, sip.

Now, back in the car and over to the wedding. The wedding took place in a small chapel in the woods. Good thing I wore my boots. Before we headed to the reception hall down the road Taraneh and I had a quick tour of the woods and a photo shoot. She dared me. I did it with no hesitation, in a dress. She had some trouble descending the terrain. I documented this obstacle in her life, it's a metaphor. The chapel overlooked a small lake. This photo is entitled, 'Give me that axe, NOW!'

Various and sundry family shots, post wedding- pre reception: Tres chicas. (Two sisters and a daughter.) Zorn family photo. (Most unphotogenic family, EVER!) Dos Bills. This is my grandpa, Bill. I'm named after him.Lastly, and most importnat, the bride and groom. And, the cake, of course. Congrats to Jess and Ashely! It was a gorgeous wedding.

Bet you thought that was it? Nope. Back to Tulsa. We heard there's live music on Satuday nights down on the Riverwalk. We drove around trying to make our way but we weren't successful. We ended up at yet another coffee house. Shades of Brown. Mmm. This time, I was smart. Mexican Cocoa with SOY milk! Happy tummy. Phew. What a day!

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  1. If that's a metaphor for my life, then I should fall, roll and scrape my face and probably black out for about 10 minutes. That would make for an accurate metaphor.