Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My poor four legged soul mate, Zola, has been neglected this past month. Between building a portfolio, Halloween planning, the gym and fun, she has taken back burner. Shame on me. Since T has officially moved in and brought her dog, Ginger, Zola seems more lively. In lieu of their patience and understanding we decided to take them on stroll to the park this afternoon. The weather was fantastic but we ran out of daylight. I guess you can't ask for everything. We even let them break a cardinal rule: "no loitering on the table." We had to put them in their place. Inspired by Doug's Halloween photos and a little dominatrix moves. We had to cross an 'iffy' bridge. It was rickety but we managed. Through my superpower of intimidation, I convinced Taraneh to get on the teeter-totter with me. She bailed after I tried to throw her off. No one ever taught me how to play nice. Kisses to our quadrupeds!

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  1. You've bullied me for the last time. I cried myself to sleep last night...