Sunday, November 29, 2009

Super Saturday

My roommate and I have a soft spot for Tulsa. It's just far enough away to feel like we're away from home but close enough we can drive it in a day. It's pretty comparable to OKC but seems like much more fun. I think it's due to it's 'newness' and locale, just out of arms reach. Last Saturday was the bedlam game. Our town was invaded by some 80,000 ego filled football fans. Our ueue to flee. It's become a ritual.

Speaking of rituals, this trip really made me realize that I'm very much a creature of habit. These photos make me giggle. Every time we go to Tulsa it's the same things over and over. Funny thing is, we always enjoy it. Even if we run the same route. I guess once you've seen one set of photos from our Tulsa travels you've seen 'em all. First stop, coffee at the DoubleShot. Lunch at BBD. Food is one thing that is ever changing. We always try to eat at some place new and local. Carnivore. MMmm grease. Livin' the American dream. Stylized, sunshine yellow, plastic chair down in Brookside. This was the neatest furniture design/store but only for those with overstuffed pockets. After lunch and a little stroll around Brookside we jumped over to the Philbrook. There was a lot happening at the museum. Tons of holiday festivities, even Santa showed up for photos with the kiddies. They were also having a celebration for their holiday garden lighting. We wanted to check it out but we ran out of entertainment prior to the event so we bounced. I'm probably responsible, Scrooge? Most of the activities were for the children but T insisted we make clay 'snow people.' It was a lot of fun even though parents were giving us the evil eye. I sort of felt like those punk teenagers that go around in their street clothes trick-or-treating but I was a good sport. It's the least I could do for my loyal wingman! My solitary X-mas decoration. I must admit, I'd do it all over again, even if I am depriving some child from making a 'snow person.' They also had a bunch of Christmas tress on display. T's Favorite. Lush. Industrial. Galvanized. Made of gloves. Plasma meets grinder, and then some... I have a ton of punch cards. Most of them for coffee. Wanna play? And, we've come full circle. Mexican cocoa with soy. Mmmm. Tulsa we await your return!

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