Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Work in progress

I know my blog has been lacking in art related post but I haven't been lacking in work. I don't mean to place my work in the shadows of my social outings, I just have a hard time exposing my vulnerabilities (often apparent in my work). I am especially protective of unfinished work. It's similar to posting naked photos of yourself. Although, posting naked photos can be liberating, right? Sometimes you just have to let it out. Remember, these are just 'rough drafts,' I happen to have big plans for these zygotes. Enjoy! Constructive criticism welcome!


  1. I am tremendously pleased with the blue color.

    Also, I'm loving the second piece! I am assuming that you worked more on it yesterday while I sleep for half a day.


  2. Girl you slept the day away. Now you can go a few days without. I did work on it yesterday while you were snoozing. We'll see what becomes.

    Next time you should hop in the studio and make somem art!