Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Stars

Morning! Good, bad, ready or not, a new day is here...

Each week I pick up a copy of The Gazette. It's a decent publication, especially being free. It keeps me tuned in with hip happenings throughout the metro. I have to admit, it also provides me with insight through its horoscopes. I'm addicted. Before I even read the zine, I flip to the back page to see what the stars have in store for me.This morning, I began writing one of "those emails" to myself and then I stopped. Halted because I didn't want to get started down that track. Instead, I turned over to my horoscope and I got this:

"Congratulations, Sagittarius! Free Will Astrology's Task Force on Creative Suffering has confirmed that your current dilemmas are exceptionally interesting and useful. You have demonstrated an impressive talent for getting embroiled in riddles that promise to bring out your dormant reserves of vitality and ingenuity.

The dumfounding questions you've been wrestling with are high-caliber tests that have drawn you closer to the heart of the reasons you're here on Earth. Take full advantage of this beautiful mess, my dear. Chaos this fertile is hard to come by." -Rob Brezsny

Phew. I needed that. I deleted my draft, let out a sigh, and added another stone to my collection. This weekend I look forward to the Girlie Show in OKC, wedding in Tulsa, and a cupcake celebration! Now, if I could just coax today into Friday. Magic wands and fairy dust are hot commodities.

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