Thursday, November 5, 2009

$5000 will travel

Today has been slow moving. Sitting in an office can really set the mind a fire. I was just pondering what I would do if a wad of 5000 dollar bills descended down from the sky. I know the 'adult' answer: invest/save. No! You can't spend money once you're dead. I would travel. I could make three trips on 5g's? The only real expense is the travel. I would sleep on the streets if I had to. It's all about the experience. The atmosphere, risk, memories. First things, first, a passport. I'm printing the application now.

Next, the agenda: 1.) Costa Rica. 2.) Jet set-Finland 3.) Warm up-India.
Wow, I just noticed a reoccurring theme. Cycles. I guess I'll be perusing a top a bike throughout my travels. It's destiny.

I picked each locale because there are specific aspects of each that ruffle my feathers. All-in-all it's a broad spectrum of culture and climate. Next, how do I "pan handle" $5000? And, no, objectification of the flesh is not an option.

1 comment:

  1. You can definitely travel to Costa Rica for 5 grand, especially on the off season.
    When I went I rented out a house for a couple weeks instead of pouring money into those crazy expensive hotels, I ended up doing to whole trip for around $7,000, and that's counting the daily horseback rides

    Cool blog by the way, I love it!