Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Fun Part I

It always begins on Friday. I let out a sigh and hop in my car. Once I put that key in the ignition a weight is lifted. I have 2 days of freedom. So much to see and do. Sometimes it's hard to go home. The acceleration, and the perfect cruisin' music make me just want to drive. Anywhere, just away.

This Friday I stayed close. I hit the city with Sarah, a friend from work. We had a great time. We hit an art opening at Artspace and then had dinner at my favorite, Iguana. One of the reasons we were trekking to OKC was so that Sarah could check out Sara Sara Cupcake. We had dinner and drinks, chatted and giggled and suddenly I realized it was 9:30. We missed Sara Sara, they shut at 9. I was devestated. As a result of the Sangria, I threw a tantrum. Sarah was impressed with their yard. It's astroturf. I think she may invest in some of that lovely synthetic ground covering. It's green all year! Since our initial motivation to hit OKC was cupcakes, I suggested we try Cuppies and Joe. Taraneh and I had previously attempted to check the place out but it was elbow to elbow at 10pm on a Friday night so we bounced. Luckily, Sarah and I missed the crowd last Friday and we were successful in munching some cupcakes. MMmm all Smiles. Mine was named 'Lemony Snickets.' Boy was it tasty! Ebony and Ivory, undressed.I also had some delicious apple cider. Classy and festive landscaping.

Afterwards, we hunted Wayne Coyne's house. Many turn arounds later we found it. In the middle of a very coarse neighborhood it glistened with various colored lights and stained glass windows. I'm sure it's not quite as stunning in the light due to it's dumpy surroundings. Perhaps I'm being pessimistic but I would like to remember it in it's night time glory.

That brings our Friday night adventures to a close. Until next time..


  1. mmm i can't decide if I like SARA SARA CUPCAKES or CUPPIES 'n' JOE more??