Sunday, November 29, 2009

There's More

We ended up getting back early Saturday evening (early for our standards). We had a dip party and drank some wine (maybe some vodka too, Shh). T made some interesting salsa and I made Martha's white bean dip and some cheese dip. It was quite a party. We had some craft projects that we had been anticipating but they were at the bottom of the list. A few drinks into our evening we weren't reasonable enough to work on anything worthwhile so we did some crafting for ourselves. I can't believe we were using a hot glue gun. I spent this morning recounting my weekend and wondering how I got a blister on my finger. Ta DA! Instead of waking up to a mess of beer cans and cigarette holes I got feather headbands and a makeshift 'friendship necklace.' Even your grandma would be proud! This Saturday involved much more but it's reserved for 'THE select.' I will say, even though I question the strength of my superpower (intimidation) from time to time, this weekend confirmed it's still intact. Good times!


  1. that salsa wasn't interesting, it was gross. Green icky looking salsa. Is this why you made sure I woke up with a green hand?

  2. I ate some of that salsa for lunch today. I must say, the longer it marinates the better it becomes. Some things are just as they age.