Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Tremendous New Year

I can hardly believe it's mid November already. The weather has been extraordinary. I haven't even broken out my stock of winter clothes. It's been terrific. So what could be better than a fall in Oklahoma? How about a trip to San Francisco?Minutes ago I booked a ten day stay in the city by the bay. I'm leaving out four days into the new year. I don't suppose there is a better way to kick off 2010! Right now I'm ecstatic with a touch of apprehensiveness. My pessimistic nature has already began to speak. It haunts me with the forseen reluctance to depart the city to return to routine and a dreaded office job. Right now my attitude should be chalk full of optimism. I guess my lonesome heart just yearns. After-all, it has missed me since 2004, the last time I departed SF. In the meantime, I'll count the days...

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