Saturday, November 28, 2009

Queen of Sheba

Last night T and I were invited to an unusual ethic dining experience. I practically had to drag T to the joint. She tried to escape but my superpowers of intimidation won out. In the end I think she was happy to have tagged along. The classy facade. Not really representative of the feast extravaganza. She could not believe her eyes! Or er taste buds. Decor. No utensils, you eat with your hands. I take things like this pretty seriously. Scrumptious! Look at that spread! Salad, green beans, chick peas, lamb, more salad, potatoes, lentils, beef and chicken in the center. Dig in! The bread (seen on the left) was something else. It was crepe like but very spongy. There was a lot of talk about what it resembled. The best analogy involved Buffalo Bill, that's all the details you get. Devoured. Plumply content. Afterward, T and I went to Zorbas and had some girly drinks. Then we walked over to the Barnes and Noble next door and I was enamored by Martha's cupcake book! What a night! Thanks to Sarah for inviting us to an incredible Ethiopian dinner!

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