Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knitted Controversy

Warning: Rant potential, high. Optimist beware.

Why ello, Cheif Justice Roberts. Today you have come to visit my place of employment. How gracious of you. I wish I could say I would love to stay outside of my work schedule to hear you speak but my christian upbringing taught me not to lie. Everyone at work has been in a tizzy the past week about this shindig and frankly I'm not amused. It's like watching teenage boys discover their dad's secret stash of playboys. Roberts is just a man and they are just boobs, get over it already!

Because of the Robert's ordeal, My superiors asked that I 'dress accordingly' which really means, "wear you Sunday best whether you like it or not." I'm usually pretty easy going about these things but I have to admit this suggestion bothers me for various reasons. A.) They don't pay me enough to buy or wear Gucci suits and shoes. B.) I feel like I always represent an appropriate level of professionalism in my appearance so it's like blow to the face when they treat me like I normally dress like a hobo. They're passive aggressive, they really want to say 'Geeez, Beege, shape up!'

So today, I decided to push the envelope. Yes, a little piece of me knew this wouldn't go over to well. Devil's advocate? Yes. But really, they sort of brought it upon themselves. Sweater dress, tights and some suede mary jane's. Add a knit cap and all hell breaks lose. I'm bringing back the hat. When asked, "What's with the hat? a fashion statement? Bad hair day? Cold?" I responded "All of the above. I'm flexing my feminine powers, which include being allowed to wear hats inside." Funny thing is, everyone, (aside from the suits in my office) have been throwing compliments about my attire all day, even the faculty. Sometimes you just have to test the waters. What a day!

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