Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I thought I would do a little ditty about visiting grandpa's house. It goes a lil somethin' like this: In Texas, everything is magnified. My grandpa lives modestly compared to his neighboring communities. We were blessed with magnificent Southern weather on Saturday. Rain chain and Texas pride. This giant lizard was attempting to get some sun without being overexposed. Now, step inside. It's not your typical 'grandparents' domicile. Contemporary yet comfortable. Full bar, complete with ice maker and wine chillers. They don't mess around in Texas, they take care of business. And then they eat. Usually there is catering involved. My grandparents aren't cooks but they know how to serve. After a nice meal and some cool drinks it's time for a short game of golf. Yes, step out the back door and you're there. They live right on the golf course. The largest back yard I've ever seen. It's a retiree's dream and a great get away for grand kids! Well, that concludes the show. That's all folks! Take that little red corvette and fly! (Flauntin' those cyclist thighs! wink, wink!)

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  1. dude, your grandpa's house is boss.