Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday Spending

Saturday, Day II of my short lived freedom, involved a trip to Edmond. Taraneh and I intended on getting some crepes (we failed) but that was the reason we were making the drive. As if we need to justify getting out of town? We did some shopping, had a delicious lunch at P.F. Changs and cruised back and forth throughout OKC. We went into a Stein Mart in Edmond and found these outrageous accessories. I think I could die content if I saw someone wearing this hat in public. T took the subtle approach. Black and simplistic with feathers to add a formal touch.

Most of our travels revolved around hunting an illusive CD. T has some very obscure taste in music. So, from time-to-time we hit every record store in the greater metro for new tunes. This time we failed. Check out this liquor store next to our favorite CD store: It's magnificent. Unfortunately, our CD store was closed for inventory (Blah) but I did get to see these lights. It would make Chevy Chase proud.

Mid afternoon we were in need of a boost. I had read about this coffee shop on southside OKC and we thought we'd give it a shot. It happen to be in a very dodgy part of town but we said 'what the hell, it's the weekend!' Joe's Addiction. I'd say their coffee is average. Mine seemed watered down and T said her cappuccino was rather bitter. Aside from the location, the place was nice, it felt like grandma's house. A tall is TALL. We hit a few more CD stores, again empty handed and then we went for some frozen yogurt. Yum. Nothing like charging by weight. These places are popping up everywhere and I don't think it's half bad. So much for Saturday. So much fun, so much to do, it was over before we could say "WAIT."

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