Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallo Wrap Up

Our official Halloween photographer was the one and only, Doug Hill. He took over 200 photos of our spectacular shindig. It was difficult choosing the shots. I feel like this selection gives you an intimate peek into the diverse happenings and progression of the party. Enjoy.

These are the decorations: The photos don't depict the essence but the house was black light sensitive. Trippy. The decor was centered around one of Martha's crazy Halloween parties. It was suppose to resemble an abandoned mansion. This is my special concoction. It is infamously referred to as 'punch o' doom.' Apparently it causes hangovers. Minor affect of good vodka. Guns may be my guilty pleasure... Only a man would bring a switchblade to a gun fight. POW! Sometimes you just have to dance alone. Like no one is watching, or taking photos. She really is an 'evil genius.' Nick appears in helmet. Barb (center) won the costume contest. She's a riot! Me Jane! Man eater! My mom as the scarecrow. Another luchadore? I think he was threatening Barb. No throw down occurred, to bad. I would have placed my bet on Barb. Multiplying guns. Russ didn't dress up but we still let him in. This photo made up for his refusal to conform. They danced the dance.

Doug's into biting. I have to make it clear that he encouraged these photos and I'm not sorry. Halloween mascot. Bite the weenie. Bite the spider. Bite Barb. Bite Russ. Russ digs bites. This was more of a taste than a bite. They're allowed after 32 years of marriage. Stout. Cheese dip, huge hit, especially after I licked the serving spoon. Oct. 31 circa 1am. Is this party over yet? I can't wait to top this next year!

Check out my co-hostess/roomie's take on the event here.

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