Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday: A Day of Rest?

No way! My roomate and I live by the motto "We will sleep when we're dead." After a couple days of traveling through grand ol' Oklahoma, we woke up Sunday ready for more. Well, not exactly "ready" but that's why there's coffee. Yes, more coffee!

There is a new cupcake/cake bakery that celebrated their grand opening yesterday.Sugar Cupcakes. They were giving away free cupcakes so we were there. We sampled some bite sized cakes and then purchased the real deal: Can't wait to open that box! Voila.Sugar Galore! Luckily, Gray Owl is walking distance to Sugar.Nothing goes better with sugar than coffee. On a sugar high and trying to focus. Maybe drinking the coffee will dilute the sugar? On a caffeine buzz and close to a sugar induced coma we headed North to toil around in OKC. We stopped and had Italian sodas at the Full Circle Bookstore. Refreshing. I had cherry/orange and T had cherry/kiwi. Cherry kiwi is the winner, no contest.

And, we've come full circle. It's a new week. Now I just have to figure out how to make next weekend even more enjoyable.

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  1. man o man, we drank a ton of coffee! No complaints here, I admit that I'm an addict!