Monday, November 16, 2009

Around the Campus

I had hoped I could hit a few art exhibits but between shopping and the game, time just soared. Plus, my cousin and grandfather aren't really huge art enthusiast. I can't complain, I was just happy to hit the road and catch up with some familiar faces. I was able to check out a smidgen of the Meadows Museum at SMU. This is a Calatrava. It's an exceptional, kinetic piece that is just out of this world. The subtle movement, the patina, location, everything about it is just vexing. This is the museums latest addition. It's massive and also quite mesmerizing. The way it interacts with its environment and the viewer is very refined. It's definitely and piece you have to experience in person. Read more about the artist and project here. Being a member of the museum, my grandpa and his wife receive offers for free catalogs. They snagged this James Surls book and gifted it to me. It's very neat. The Fred Jones Jr. Museum at OU has one of Surl's pieces, I have always been attracted to it.

Hopefully next time instead of football I can further scowl the art scene. The DFW area is just teeming with art.

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