Sunday, November 29, 2009


This long weekend has been anything but long. I'm still amazed at the ground I covered. Just a fair warning, my post are going to be scattered and may back track. To bad I still haven't acquired the ability to foresee the future. Friday my mom and I spared the corporate greed and headed to some local shop in OKC. We didn't come home with any tremendous deals but we had a lovely time and grabbed a bite to eat at a delicious restaurant, Cheever's. I got the special. It was yum! Mom and her grilled chicken sandwich with bacon. It also looked delightful.
On our way back home we stopped by to see my friend Jamie and baby Bella. Mom hadn't seen Bella since her birthday so it was nice to see how she has grown. She's still so tiny, just under 6lbs, but boy does she have personality. She's one feisty lil'n. Momma and bebe. Me 'n Bella the Beauty. We danced and I sung her to sleep while the two moms took a break. This topped any 'door buster' available on Black Friday 09!

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