Monday, November 16, 2009

Macho Weekend

Last weekend, my cousin and I headed to DFW to visit our grandfather and hit a football game. My cousin and grandfather are SMU alums so Saturday we headed over to Dallas for a testosterone filled afternoon. I'm not a football fan in the least so why would I agree to such an outing? How about a few visuals to further explain: This is where we watch the game. A suite, the lap of luxury, void of a 'real' football atmosphere. They also have tons of junk food and liquor which makes up for the lack of the typical atmosphere. This is the only way to watch a football game. During halftime we snapped a few shots with the mustang mascots. They were attempting to load them in the trailer so I was a bit hesitant. Last but not least, a few, obligatory family shots. Everything's bigger and better in Texas!

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