Monday, November 9, 2009

Coffee & The Girlie Show

Last weekend was a fun filled, super busy weekend. I kicked it off at Norman's latest and greatest coffee shop, The Gray Owl. Norman really needed a quality coffee shop. They Gray owl is chalk full of personality. Mid century modern, local art, an upcoming patio space, wi-fi and terrific hours. Check them out here and here. Coffee shot. Taraneh's a cappuccino drinkin' fiend. Russ even joined us for a cup o' joe.

Afterwards my friend and I headed up the interstate to The Girlie Show. It was packed, shoulder to shoulder. The crowd was buzzing, music, food and up scale arts and crafts. The DNA galleries booth. Those are some fingerless gloves Taraneh made. She sells wholesale to DNA, pretty neat. Food was provided from various, local merchants. There was a huge variety, including cupcakes from two different places. Delicious. We love cupcakes! Tara to the T, one of the artist and her beau (also and artist). Adorable. The Tornado Alley Rollergirls were there. Brute force. Graffito voodoo doll. Girlie dance party. Bust a move!

I had a great time! It was just the beginning of a very eventful and inspiring weekend.


  1. Very cute pictures! I love girlie show, it's such an amazing event! I'm already getting excited about next year and thinking up new designs for 2010 ;0)

    Tara to the T

  2. Tara, Thanks for commenting. Your booth and merch was fabulous!